*Compliance and Control Program Design and Implementation
 *State Department Mandated External Audits  *Supplier Outreach Training Program                   
* Export Training Course Development .
Other Services
-Business Management Systems
-Grants Management Services
-Feasibility Services and Technical Assistance Services
-Organizational Outreach, Public Relations Programs
-Program/Project Management
-Support & Services Consulting & Operations
- Administrative Management & General Management Consulting,                  
-Marketing Services  
Environmental & Other related regulatory services
       Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
            Health & Safety Plan
            Environmental Health & Safety Training (EHS)
            Public Health Programs Administration
        OSHA, environmental audit
Environmental Assessments
Environmental Impact Reporting

Goods for Export
***For American Products we are here to serve you.
*****Hawaiian Coffee --(varieties) Maui, Kona ( decaf, non-decaf): organic and non-organic; ground, whole beans (with or without blends of      macademia, hazel nuts,  etc.

*****Nuts:  Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts --  Forms --whole (natural or blanched), slices, flakes, silver/halves, diced or chopped, meal or flour, milk, butter or oil

*****Flax Seeds--- very rich in omega-3 and calcium.  Comes as cold milled, oil form, sprinkles, milk form. Lactose, dairy, gluten and soy free.

*****Self Heating Meals and Drinks . These are for emergency preparedness, outdoor camping, recreation, healthcare, etc.  There is no need for electricity or open flames.  It is in assorted lunch/dinner entrees. Comes with spoon, napkin, salt and pepper. Examples are chicken pasta Italiana; green pepper steak with rice; homestyle chicken & noodles in gravy; mushroom gravy; mashed potatoes & beef; vegetarian 3 cheese lasagna; zesty BBQ sauce, diced potatoes with beef, etc.

*****Soup self heating without electricity & open flame:  Beef noodle, chicken noodle, tomatoe soup
FLOURS: Whole wheat flours (ultimate performer flour, organic), unbleached white flours,

*****GLUTEN FREE FLOURS: Brown and White Rice Flours;;; Sweet White Rice Flours;;; Sorghum
 Flour;;;Tapioca Flour/Starch;;; Xanthum  Gum;;; All Purpose Flour;;;Vital Wheat Gluten free

SPECIALTY FLOURS: ORGANIC FLOURS:: Whole Wheat Flour;;;Old Mill Flour;;;Old World 70
Artisan Flour;;;Vita-Grain 6 Grain flour;;;Amaranth Flour;;;Barley Flour;;;Black Bean Flour;;;Buckwheat Flour;;;Durum Flour, 100% whole wheat;;;Durum Flour, Extra Fancy;;;Graham Flour, High Fiber;;;Millet Flour;;;Oat Flour;;;Potato, Quinoa, Rye, Semolina Gourmet No.1, Soya Flour, Speit Flour, Whole & White, Vital Wheat Gluten, Organic---

ORGANIC WHOLE WHEAT FLOURS::Whole wheat ultimate performer flour;;;Whole wheat high
 protein flour, stone ground;;; whole wheat flour;;;wheat pastry flour---

CONVENTIONAL PRODUCTS: Whole white wheat flour;;;pastry flour;;;cake flour;;;barley flour;;;
garbanzo flour;;;millet flour;;; oat flour;;;potato flour;;;semolina flour;;;corn (yellow & white)
flour;;;masa flour;;;rice (white & brown flour), etc.

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